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Cortina d’Ampezzo  – A story of evolution of style on women wrist

Outstanding success once again for the 2016 edition of Communicating Time – Femininity Through Time, an exhibition/event organised by Platinum eXperience, which specialises in developing exclusive events with illustrious partners.
This time it boasted the collaboration of Bartorelli Gioiellerie, the official boutique for the most prestigious international luxury brands.
This journey of discovery through women’s timepieces, depicting the evolution of style and trends on the wrist was held, like last year, in the splendid setting of Cortina d’Ampezzo between 8 and 11 December, in the middle of Cortina Fashion Week.

The press and an audience of selected guests were treated to a preview of Communicating Time, curated by Paolo de Vecchi, connoisseur-specialist in watchmaking art, collecting and journalism, with a cocktail event at 18.30 on Thursday 8 December at the Hotel de la Poste in the centre of the city, continuing in the hotel’s Dolomieu room until Sunday 11 December.

Open to all collectors of admirers of feminine watchmaking, or those who simply wish to step back in time through the history of the most important watchmaking brands from the 20th century to today, the exhibition enjoyed the participation of Amanda Triossi – Italy’s foremost expert in jewellery history – and at 18.30 on Saturday 10 Ms. Trossi regaled her audience with anecdotes and interesting facts about the history of jewellery and women’s watchmaking.

The exhibition is the inspiration for the Wonder Watches feature by Paolo de Vecchi, sixty pages celebrating the event with images of unique watches and interviews with the figures who best represent the most significant High Watchmaking brands in the exhibition. The Wonder Watches special is distributed from December with Wonder Cortina Winter, throughout the Ampezzo region.

December 8 -11, 2016




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